Nzuri Elixir Liquid Hair Vitamins

Nzuri Elixir Liquid Hair Vitamins
Nzuri Elixir Liquid Hair Vitamins

32 oz. Bottle

Is your hair dry, brittle, dull, lifeless, thinning, breaking, or damaged? 

Transform your hair in 90 days and continue to use Nzuri Elixir consistently for beautiful, healthy hair; results you’ll love and people will take notice of!

Grow Beautiful, Long, Healthy Hair Fast: Increases Hair Growth 150 to 200%!

Using the hottest hair growth technology, the Nzuri liquid vitamin supplement is unmatched in quality and is designed for people serious about faster growing hair.

Have the hair of your dreams!

This amazing bio-available liquid supplement provides faster growing, stronger and healthier hair. In addition, other benefits include faster fingernail/toenail growth and healthier, more gorgeous skin and complexion.

With the long-term use of Nzuri you will be transformed as your hair will become:

* Longer
* Stronger
* Healthier
* Shinier
* Plus Stronger Nails
* And More Radiant Skin

Nzuri is the most comprehensive premium multi-nutrient hair, skin and nail formula available!

Nzuri is a Swahili word that means “very good.” When we set out to create a product for hair, skin and nails, our team of experts knew we needed to produce a product that was excellent. Just like the meaning of the name, Nzuri is very good for growing longer, stronger, healthier hair and it’s very good for your health.

What causes hair to grow or not to grow?

Healthy hair is not only a pleasure to behold; it is pleasing to the person that has it. A single follicle on the human scalp produces approximately .35 millimeters of hair shaft per day. The cycles of growth of each follicle consist of the building up and tearing down of the structure. After a period of rest the follicle is built anew from raw materials and each hair follicle goes through this identical process as it grows longer and stronger. Nzuri, a high-quality liquid multivitamin hair tonic supplies the body with the proper vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that you may not be receiving in your diet to help create beautiful, healthy hair.

It is important to point out that many of the metabolic requirements of the cells of the hair follicle must be met or adequate and optimal hair growth will not occur. This means that certain vitamins and minerals must be present in adequate proportions or there will be faulty or nonexistent hair growth. Research has shown that in our hurry up world of fast food, and extreme work schedules we have developed extraordinarily poor eating habits. This extremely poor diet affecting our general health and energy levels and makes our fingernails weaker and our hair thinner and far less healthier.
Environmental Effects on Your Hair

Along with stress, toxins in the environment, exposure to the sun, cigarette smoke (actively or passively inhaled), excess alcohol consumption and lack of sleep sometimes makes our bodies work overtime to maintain a standard of marginal health – not optimal.

These factors may lead to a decline in our cosmetic appearance, including our hair, being compromised and weakened. Because the brain considers our hair to be expendable and not essential to maintain our health, at least our physical health, it tends to be the last part of the body to receive nutrients from the foods we eat.

The result of this is dull, lifeless hair, or even retarded (slowed) hair growth. What should enhance our best features has become a deterrent to our beauty as individuals and the way others possibly perceive our health and how attractive we appear to them. This does not have to be so. Remember, people subconsciously use triggers like how healthy your face or hair is to make a subconscious judgment about your overall health.

Taking proper, daily hair vitamins and minerals plays a huge role in keeping your hair healthy. Any nutritional deficiencies can lead to thinning hair or even total baldness. It is a well-known fact that an under-active thyroid can result in frizzy or brittle hair while an overactive thyroid turns hair greasy and limp. The goal is proper supplementation and nutritional balance.
The Solution is Keeping Your Hair in its Younger State

In an older person the total number of the capillary loops (blood source) supplying the hair follicles is considerably diminished. This diminution (reduction) of blood supplied to the hair follicle would require either greater blood flow through these follicles or an increased amount of nutrients of various types such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids in order to supply the hair follicle with the same amount of these materials.

Since the former is unlikely, as blood vessels are decreasing instead of increasing, it appears that the latter course, mainly supplying more nutrients, would be the most logical way to keep the hair follicle in its younger state.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Any nutritional deficiencies can slow hair growth or stop your hair from growing. Your hair ultimately reflects the overall condition of your body.

If your body is healthy and well-nourished, your hair will be your shining glory. If you are having any health problems or suffering from any nutritional deficiencies, your hair may stop growing or show damage or become brittle. If your body is in good health, you can maximize your genetic growth cycle through taking the proper blend of amino acids and B-vitamins.

Nzuri Elixir: The best of nature through science!

It is also important to include B-6, biotin, inositol and folic acid in the supplemental program. It has been found that certain minerals including magnesium, sulfur, silica and zinc are also very important toward maintaining healthy hair.

Beta-carotene is also important to hair growth because beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A as the body needs it, helps maintain normal growth and bone development, protective sheathing around nerve fibers, as well as promoting healthy skin, hair and nails! Nzuri has all of these ingredients and much more. Besides making lifestyle changes, taking Nzuri every day is recommended to boost your hair growth

Premium Multi-Nutrient Hair Vitamin Formula

Most multivitamins are just that – vitamins – and not much else. Just as your body needs vitamins, minerals, proteins, a little bit of fat, sugar, carbohydrates, enzymes and more to properly function, why would you take a multivitamin that only contained vitamins and a few scant minerals?

For proper hair growth, you need to take a multi-nutrient formula that contains nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, whole food extracts, plant enzymes, and herbal extracts all in a single easy to take dose instead.

The most important criteria is the form, followed by the dose size. Pills simply are not the best answer. Pills contain vitamins that are bound to many fillers and stabilizers. Pure liquid hair vitamins are simply a suspension of ingredients, without wasteful binders and fillers.

This leads to far greater absorption, more relief, less waste and much better results. Take the Physicians Desk Reference for example. They state that liquids are up to 98% absorbed versus just 10 to 20% of vitamins and minerals in solid form. Try getting that with pills, tablets or powders. You simply can’t.

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