Healthy Coffee Loyalty Rewards

To thank ALL of our customers for your support and to offer future incentives to you we wanted to give something back, this is why we have launched this great Healthy Coffee Reward Point Program.

Our Healthy Coffee Reward Point Program is as simple as it sounds. While shopping at you will earn Shopping Points for the money you spend.   Once earned, you’ll be able to use those points to pay for future purchases at

The way this program works is by rewarding you $.10 for each $1.00 that you spend in our store.  Each product that is listed in our store will have a points value and $amount listed on the products details page.

For example, the cost of one box of Ganoderma 2n1 Coffee is $9.95.

So you would earn 10 points worth $1.00 that can be used on your next order.

These points are automatically added to your account 24 hours after your transaction is completed.

You will receive an email confirmation that details the points total as well as the value of the points that have been added to your account.  There is also a transaction history that will be provided in your account backoffice.  Points will not expire for 12 months from the time they are issued.

Once again, Thank you to ALL of our Loyal Customers!

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